Eddie Swann...


As a Musician...

A master-class acoustic guitarist and accomplished vocalist, performing myriad of songs, including some of today's most popular songs and songs from the modern folk era all the way back through the traditional old time American folk history of songs.  This is all performed with acoustic guitar announcing the mild beautifully soft sounds by the combination of these songs and the performance of delivering these great songs with integrity and experience.


As a Performer...


Having performed on stage with several successful bands, recorded and/or produced great artists such as Doc Watson, David Wilcox, David Holt, Tony Rice, Balsam Range, Bryan Sutton, David Johnson, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, The Isaacs, Kingsmen, Primitive, Jerry Douglas and others stirs in a taste of impeccable quality achieved only after years of understanding what makes music great.


As a Studio Session Guitarist...


A studio session guitarist recording performances under exacting artists and producers has produced a style of playing guitar that resounds every note in a clean, clear and most succulent fashion.  As a recording engineer,/producer studying vocal styles, while recording some of the most unexcelled singers ever, has helped produce a vocal delivery with pleasurable tone appreciated by the most demanding audiences.  All this together rings inside the delivery on stage and will leave with the hearts of the audience tethered to the performance.

As a Songwriter...


As a songwriter, the opportunity has presented itself to write and co-write songs with some of the best including Kenny O'Dell, Sonya Isaacs, Ruthie Steele, Jim Stover and more.  Several artists have recorded some of these songs including DaKota Band with a top ten country song, C Vaughn Leslie with a regional hit in Tennessee, Craig Martin from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, The Kingsmen Quartet and others.  Eddie is the recipient of the "National American Songwriter Award" and publisher of several well-respected gospel songs.

As a Recording Artist...


As a recording artist, opportunities started as far back as 1972 (click here for the Bio Page) and continue with the current release of "First Light" (click here for the "First Light" page) which is a musical journey of instrumentals featuring acoustic guitar and digital orchestration.  Peaceful enough for relaxation and meditation yet moving enough to nourish the ear, quite the mind and soothe the soul through the hours of everyday wok, travel and living.

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